Kadison Willis


Kadison Willis
A small town
Dictating all the people we get around
What a familiar face
Do you get what I mean now?
I’m so fixated on the girl with the soft sound
And hair all over the place
— Matt Healy


We had been driving through the West Texas desert for about 6 and a half hours for this sight alone. Prada Marfa is built in the middle of the desert. The irony of its high-class luxury, and the desolation of its surroundings is what makes this art installation world famous. So, *disclaimer* it's not actually a Prada store. However, the structure does contain actual Prada shoes and handbags picked out by Miuccia Prada herself in 2005. 

ok that's enough history..  

let's not kid ourselves, we came here for the picture. It only took three outfits, seven cameras, and two hella pumped losers like us to get the job done. I would do it all over again a million times to get those photos and relive that experience. 


we wandered the one-block city consisting of old bookstores, gas stations, and art museums. The Ballroom museum was one of our favorites.

we didn't get to dance in the ballroom.. but it was magical all the same. we spent way too much time that night sitting on the roof of my car looking for some mysterious 'Marfa Lights' that were supposed to appear in the sky. I kinda have a thing for aliens, so the idea of UFOs casually strolling around above me was like a sci-fi movie.. and I liked it.

sitting on the floor of the Marfa bookstore, we read a copy of Kurt Cobain's diary, in his own handwriting.. the scribbles of his distress and passion were mesmerizing. and we would have bought the book too, if we had money (classic). 

The McDonald Observatory was the last big stop on our way home. I like to read National Geographic magazines on space, and I always saw those stars like powdered sugar.. and through the telescopes at the observatory, they were.. 

at about 2am we were still frothing over the stars and couldn't sleep, so we found a 24 hour diner called Penny's. The whole thing was decked out like a classic 50s diner, so we played along and split a milkshake with a red and white striped straw and took some polaroids. 

That night we stayed in the spartan manor at El Cosmico.. which in my opinion is one of the top 5 things to do in texas. the nomadic recreation of the trailers are what make the experience so legendary. but also cooking dinner jamming to 'settle down' by the 1975 in our trailer kitchen was pretty legendary too.

It's the greatest camping experience you can hope for. The renovated vintage interior furnishings are from all over the world. plus you get your own AC/heater, fridge, cooking supplies, and radio (with wireless iPhone connection!). Honestly, I would drive the 6+ hours all over again just to go there.

of all the places in the world that I've traveled, this trip in my home state was one of the greatest. cheers to my best friend Courtney, midnight milkshakes, packing way too many cameras, long drives, Texas mountains (yes they exist), mix tapes, and kick-ass trailer parks in the desert. 


I'll be seeing you again, Marfa..